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[Post] The Future of Books

by Marc Cooper on August 10th, 2011

As an author, a former clinician, an academician and a perpetual student, a great deal of my education, training and development has been and will continue to come from books. But the nature of books is changing, which will produce a greatly expanded experience and tremendously enhanced learning.

Here is a look at the future of books.

Watch Video.

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  1. Ah yes! Electronic books. This video illustrates the facinating way an electronic book can integrate audio and video into the text to create a wonderful multimedia experince for the reader. This may well be the future of hand held information. I am reading a facinating book (real paper one) at the moment called “Free Ride” by Robert Levine. It is an interesting history and commentary on how the internet, the entitlement mentality of free information and illegal but pervasive file sharing is destroying the traditional profit model of newspapers, television, the movie industry, the music industry and the book publishing industry. The subtitle of the book is “How the Internet is Destroying the Culture Business” as it illustrates how the creators of the above mentioned media, the artists and writers, are getting paid less and less for their creative works due to the ease of copying and sharing of public works. As Marc always states, context is decisive, and the context of the profit model in published works has been put on its head. I, for one, still love my paper books, and my copy of “Mastering the Business of Practice”, with its highlighted passages, dogeared corners and faded cover, is still a favorite of mine. I do not think I would be as attached to an electronic version of the book. On the other hand, it is tempting to download a torrent that contains 3000 science fiction classics for free and give me a library of reading that would keep me busy for years without giving the writers a single penny. It will be interesting to observe over the next several years how the creative genius will adapt to the new technology.

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